Comment by: gene hill
Greetings Sandy! I hope this note finds you well. I really enjoyed your book. Anyone contemplating buying and reading this book, I highly recommend it. Here is my review of her book: Wild Woman draws from the real life experiences of Sandy Cathcart. From the rough country of Oregon, to the dangerous ground of the heart Wild Woman is a book both personal and revealing. It is also a book about the authorís Christian faith. Sandy deals with serious issues like familial interpersonal relationships and the dying of a loved one, but the book has life and a glow to it which she cultivates and maintains. She writes easy and fluently, taking us from hospital bedside to wilderness adventures. There is clarity here and enough real life drama to show a depth of style as well as her own personal shortcomings. The book reveals Sandyís Creator Redeemer as The Loving Father we all so desperately need, and shows him as He truly is; a God of hope and restoration. Sandy shows us that Christ doesnít tame the wild places of the soul; He guides us out into them where we can be alone together and witness His Love.

Comment by: Steve cantley
thank you so much. i just found this.
Comment by: Ntwatwa James Brian
I love you Madam with a passion. Keep up the good work. May the god in heaven bless you. its time for you to come down in Africa to bless more people. i am ready to host you and organise for you meetings for you to speak to the youth, the old and the children. you can come with as many as you wish.
Comment by: Wanda Dyson
I am blessed to call you friend--a woman so talented and creative, and a truly a "wild woman" in heart, a "gentle soul" in spirit. May we continue to always gather at the river in search of elk, peace, and love of our Father.
Comment by: Tally Derkachenko
As a young artist, I admire your work, it takes a differnt look at angles, and colours
Comment by: Heather
Sandy. Loved seeing your paintings and creativity. The racoon(?) is especially endearing!! Keep it comin' :)
Comment by: Maureen
Sandy, It has been many years since we prayed together for a trip to China... do you remember/ Came across your website and had to say 'hello'. The Lord has certainly gifted you my friend, Blessings, Maureen
Comment by: Laurel Gentman
What lovely paintings and thank you for writing such an inspiring testimony on how God used your art and prayer. Blessings
Comment by: Latayne C Scott
Very cool work, Sandy! I especially loved the photograph of you shooting the rifle. Blessings to you-- Latayne C Scott
Comment by: sandy
Thanks for the lovely comments! Makes for great encouragement. Robert...The Cat Man and I miss you too!
Comment by: DrDeb
Wow--beautiful!! And a woman of depth and beauty...lovely!
Comment by: jocelyn
hey grandma i love you.your work is great.
Comment by: jocelyn
Your work is good.I love your work.
Comment by: Robert Garcia
I miss you already. i am eating one of your wild women cookies, or druther cookies. thank you for the wonderful time we had in the mountains, tell cat it was a alsome experience.
Comment by: dan elster
Hey Sandy, the site looks great! Loved reading your bio and especially love the "wildside" paintings gallery. Nice to see you've been working hard at what you love. Hope we get a chance to catch up one of these days.
Comment by: Debbie
I love your paintings and pictures. you are so blessed to be able to do such great works of art. You inspire me to do the same thanks for the inspiration.
Comment by: jocelyn cathcart
i love you ya and papa
Comment by: Denise Spooner
Sandy, your images are absolutely stunning and truly capture the essence of beauty in God's natural creations. How very blessed you are with the gift God has bestowed upon you. How very blessed I am to know you.
Comment by: jocelyn cathcart
your pantings are so good.
Comment by: sandy
I love everyone's comments. Thanks for stopping by!
Comment by: Rachel
Hey grandma i love your photos they're awesome
Comment by: will
beautiful ,,, birds arnt the only thing that flys will storm
Comment by: Michelle Easley
Hi Sandy, your pictures are wonderful.You do such a great job with them. Michelle(Jos friend)
Comment by: Debbie Conley
I've looked at all your work and site before, but never signed the guestbook. Just thought I would say hello. You do great work. Love ya
Comment by: Steve Cantley
It is good to put a face with a name. I read your comments on Art for God site regularly.. Youe work is breath taking. God bless you

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