What’s for sale?
    Photos and paintings by SCat (sandy cathcart) showcased on this site are representative and are in no way conclusive. I have an enormous stockpile of photos and am also available for some work for hire in both art and photography. If you have an idea, just ask!
      My photo cards are quite popular. I call them story cards, because I feature a story on the back of each card that has something to do with the photo.
        Any of the artwork or photos found on this site can be purchased as story cards.
          I have also provided unique cards and calendars for local businesses and regional organizations, such as Oregon Christian Writers, Colorado Christian Writers, and John L. Scott Reality.
            I am currently in the process of producing gift books highlighting groups and events. Be sure to check back in the near future to see an example.
              Senior photos usually run around $250.00, and I provide an album with ten 8 by 10 photos and several 4x6 photos along with a cd.
                Event photos are charged only as people order.
                  I do few commissioned art pieces, but when the project is right I’m delighted to take it on. I was asked to do a piece for a passion walk centering on “The Triumphal Entry.” It was a joy to me in the making and the buyer was delighted with the result. I have also painted a few portraits by request. Keep in mind that my art is more about representation than it is about being a copy. I attempt to bring out the inner person or the feeling of the moment, because of this I have to have some connection with the subject. Sometimes that connection happens right away, other times it doesn’t happen at all (though that is rare).
                    Econo prints are also available. They are a laser print version of any of the artwork found on this site and are sold for $19.95 each. Keep in mind that there will be some color and quality loss, but they are a good deal for those who want a painting but don't want to pay the higher prices. Each econo print comes on an album sized sheet of quality paper.
                      If you are interested in seeing other photos or have further questions, simply e-mail me, and we’ll see what happens.
                        Awards, Equipment, and Training
                          I have won several awards in both photography and art. I usually mention the award when posting the paintings, but for the most part I like to keep low-key regarding awards. If you like the photo or painting, then that is reward enough. I find something special in each creation that makes each a treasure in itself.
                            I use a Canon 30D single reflex lens camera that I love! It gives me the ability to stop action and shoot in low-light conditions with great results. I seldom leave home without it. And my forest floor yard provides great opportunities for wildlife sessions.
                              I learn from every opportunity possible. I am constantly taking art classes and reading books and attending seminars that help hone my craft and keep my creative levels up. I love being around other artists! What a fun group of people. Check back in the future and I will list some of the people I have gleaned from.
                                Future Goals
                                  I am planning a trip to Italy in February of 2008. I am very excited about this art, photo, and writing opportunity of a lifetime. Wow! I also plan to continue my art classes and seminars as well as carry a sketch book and camera with me at all times!
                                      A portion of each of my photos or paintings of animals from Wildlife Images goes back to helping rehabilitate injured or misplaced animals. When you buy these products you are helping to make a better world. I also often give a percentage of sales to coordinators of various events and have donated sales to various groups such as the “Masterpiece Art Show” that will be traveling internationally throughout 2008.

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